New Arthritis Diagnosis?

Dealing with a new diagnosis is never easy. Arthritis is a diagnosis that needs attention and awareness and knowing where to focus on can be a challenge at first. To better alter your behaviors and choices, you need to better understand your needs and how to meet them in a new way. Here are 5 tips to help you with a new arthritis diagnosis.

Educate Yourself About Arthritis

The best tool to face change with is education. Knowing and understanding what you are living is the absolute first step to empowering yourself with the tools you need to become stronger. Therefore, when you know more, you know how to make it the best it can be, including your health. Learn more at Arthritis Foundation.

Communicate With Doctors and Specialists

Opening lines of communication with your doctor regarding all that is part of your new life with arthritis is a must. Not only in line with resources for educating yourself on your arthritis, but also a needed relationship that can give you answers for all you are going through specifically, emotionally, physically, and socially. Lastly, knowing how to ask your questions, use the doctor’s answers, and revamp your lifestyle starts with your relationship with your doctor and specialist who can best guide you on your journey. 

Learn to Listen to Your Body

Knowing what questions to ask and directions to take can be daunting at first. Learning to be still and connected with your new body can make it easier for you to understand your needs, strengths, and weaknesses. In addition, formulating and understanding how your body feels after various activities, foods, and events can open doors for clarity in ways to prevent future flairs and maintain a lower level of pain. As a result, learning to be yourself may be a challenge at first, but an easy shift to make when you are open to learning about your new self. Look for more tips HERE.

Address the Emotional Aspect of Pain

Any kind of chronic pain is heavy on the emotional aspect of your daily life. Fortunately for you, lots can be managed with arthritis. Acceptance of changed routines and habits may be difficult. Therefore, allow yourself to sit with your new body, new thoughts and feelings, and let the emotions pass through you. Remember, your reflections are all valid. So give yourself grace as you adapt to your new needs and new lifestyle. Being able to hear your thoughts and feelings about your arthritis will make it easier for you to communicate your needs and questions with doctors, family and friends, as well as specialists, and others that support you in your journey. 

Acceptance of Diagnosis

Acceptance of having arthritis allows room for you to make changes for your new needs. It is important to make room for a new network of support so you can knit the community you need that allows you to grow and change in the way your body needs. 

It is never easy to be forced to change your lifestyle. Becoming aware and able to listen to yourself will make it easier to manage your new body. Education is key. Having the knowledge to know where and how to find the tools that will better serve you to manage your pain with arthritis will give you the ease you need in life.