Most Effective Tactics to Bathing Seniors

Nanny Bathing an Elderly Woman

Basic duties in life tend to become a struggle for seniors. One of these is bathing. This is a personal and private matter for all of us, but for seniors who have weakened motor skills to bend and reach their hands backward and debilitated muscles to bend downward and reach their feet, getting assistance like personal care services in the greater Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ could be very helpful for your elderly loved ones and for the rest of the family members. But if you want to help out with the bathing especially when you feel like spending time with them, as a family member, you can actually help out with these simple efficient strategies

1. Always encourage the person to bath him/herself
This is also to give them a sense of independence. You can assist them with areas that are difficult for them to reach like the back and toes as they hold a washcloth.
2. Take a bath only when necessary
The most number of baths a day is at most twice. Since bathing can be difficult for some, you can cut it down to two at least so that he/she can be fresh during the day and night. Some people do not actually need a daily bath as long as their hands, face and genital areas are washed every day, they can actually stay fresh that way. This also applies during colder seasons when taking a bath may be difficult due to low temperatures – it might not be advisable too, considering the risk of getting flu or hypothermia.
3. Have the room comfortably warm
The right temperature can offer the body a lot of relaxation benefits. When getting personal care services in the greater Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ, always take this factor as part of the plan for your seniors. The right temperature can also greatly affect their mood swings and disposition.
4. Let them keep their privacy as much as needed
One thing they want to keep even if with a personal care assistant around is their privacy and independence. They have to be covered most of the time and allow them to do what they desire to do as long as the nursing staff should approve this action.
5. Place bars, non-slip bath mat and other things to aid them during bathing
Aids like these can help them do their part while bathing. Most seniors want to stay in control of their bodies for as long as they can and if they can hold on to something and not to someone to keep in balance; they would feel like they have done efforts to do their part.

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