Healthy Living For Aging

As we age, there are some habits that we have to stop and some actions that have to be done in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Below, we have divided the things most seniors should stop or avoid and some healthy living tips for aging well.


  • Avoid consuming too much alcohol. Overconsumption can lead to many health issues.
  • As aging continues, our bodies also continue to degenerate. With the need for newer cells, functions of our body such as the motor skills lose its balance in the long run. So, balance goes and more falls occur. Installing hand rails and extra lights at home can prevent falls.
  • Just because you are retired, does not mean that your social life should stop. Loneliness is a common theme among older adults. But, isolation is not good for anyone. Staying connected with friends and family will help that.


  • Stay physically active as much as possible. Some sort of exercise for 30 minutes per day will help your mind, heart and physical health.
  • Eat healthy and avoid junk food. A diet rich in vegatables, fiber, fruit and protein will help maintain a healhty weight and help your heart, mood and sleep.
  • Get plenty of sleep. If you are over 65 it is recommended that you get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.
  • See your doctor for regular check-ups and physicals. You can catch problems and potential risks early by visiting your doctor regularly.

There are many resources out there for healthy living. The way you live and the choices you make now will determine how you age. The more you take care of yourself now, the longer you can go without needing extra assistance from others. But, if you or a loved-one find yourself needing help with activities of daily living soon, don’t worry. There are home-care agencies all over to help. Home With Help® would love to be a resource for you if you or loved one needs help in Scottsdale or the surrounding areas.