3 Tips to Know when handling patients with Alzheimer's disease

Old Couple Oriented on Home Health care
This is a short note on how to best take care of patients living with Alzheimer’s disease
Growing old is not easy. Our bones and muscles are becoming less sturdy, our senses are starting to not to function well and our memory is beginning to deteriorate. One of the prevalent age-related diseases is Alzheimer’s. Many of the Americans on the age of 65 years old and above are prone to this disease. In fact, Alzheimer’s disease affects a large number of Americans.
Due to the growing number of American suffering from Alzheimer’s, the best remedy so far is to have regular check-ups and a caregiver for the patient. There are a lot of home health care that offers convenient assistance like our personal care services in the greater Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ for Alzheimer’s patients. But the issue whether home care delivers sufficient and quality home care service will always be on the line.
As one of the reputable home health care institutions, Home with Help, aims to give the ample service and care to Alzheimer’s patients through our caregiver. We always hire and train staff that are committed to give quality non-medical health care and is compassionate to the patient.
In fact here are some tips on how to be more efficient when it comes to handling patients with Alzheimer’s disease:
1. Caregivers must have a plan
When a patient is suffering from Alzheimer’s, most likely they are hard to handle. The patients might behave uncontrollably and it will be difficult for our caregivers to assist them in daily activities like bathing and eating. At Home with Help, we always remind our caregivers that the best way to handle this kind of situations is to have a plan. When we say plan, it means you have to schedule you activities with the patient for the day and you must have some strategies as to how you are going to deal with them in stressful situations.
2. Know how to deal with diagnosis
Home With Help, known for personal care services in the greater Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ is a non-medical health care provider. We have experienced and skilled caregivers that can attend to patients living with Alzheimer’s. However, we do acknowledge that there will be times wherein professional help will be needed by our caregivers especially when it comes to medication. At Home with Help, we always advise our staff to communicate with doctors or physicians particularly on information about Alzheimer’s and how to treat or at alleviate possible behavior problems of the patient.
3. Get personal with the Patient
Building relationship with our patient is the best service we can offer. The essence of caregiving is to give compassion, care and respect for individuality of our patients. It is our job to let the patient feel important and love. If we can create a good relationship through simple talks everyday and treating them just like a normal family member or friend that it can surely make our patient at ease and more comfortable with us. This is the primary aim of our personal care services in the greater Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ we want to create a bond between us and our patients.
These are just some few basic tips for effective caregiving. Please visit www.homewithhelp.net for more information about caregiving and Alzheimer’s disease or to request for our services.