Nanny Giving Medicine to Child

When things get a little busy, you will need a nanny. When you need someone who can look after your loved ones while you are at work, you will hire a nanny. When you need help in household chores, a nanny will come in handy. Nannies pretty much make our lives easier.

Over time, we have become quite dependent on our nannies when it comes to household responsibilities. Undeniably, they have also proven that they can be trusted to do their jobs well. Our personal care services in the greater Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ have produced a number of competent nannies who have taken care of elders and children. But of course, it cannot be avoided that there might be some issues our nannies will not tell us. There might have been some concerns brought u in the past but has not been given attention yet.

As employers, we have to admit that there might be times that we get disappointed on our nannies or wherein nannies fail to meet our expectations especially if we have instructed them to do a particular task. In order to help solve this dilemma, we listed down 3 of the most common issues nannies might have on their employers:

1. Nannies are not lifesavers

Sometimes parents tend to overact on anything that concerns their children and that is a natural thing. However, if their children meet an accident or end up being bruised because of playing, the nannies are usually the ones to blame. We must take note that not all nannies have trainings in first aid or have licenses in CPR. According to statistics, 20% of nannies do not have certification in CPR. Hence, we cannot expect our nannies to do first aid to our children if they meet an injury or accident without our notice. Moreover, what we can assure in our personal care services in the greater Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ is that our nannies are responsible for their tasks and we know what to during emergencies.

What we can best suggest to our clients is to always set a clear expectation to our nannies. They give a list of their tasks and contact numbers on which they can call on if there are urgent problems that they cannot handle on their own especially when it concerns children.

2. Wages are a big deal

A nanny’s job is not an easy one. They have to deal with our children’s tantrums or clean their mess and bathe them. On average, a nanny’s wage is around $16 per hour. However, there are many instances where nannies are underpaid. In order to avoid this, it is best to hire nannies from agencies like our personal care services in the greater Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ. Agencies give the fixed rate of our nannies and so we can make sure you that our nannies are well-screened and they are worth your money. Moreover, you can also get nannies that are INA-affiliated nannies because nannies from these agencies have more benefits than those hired informally. We just want to emphasize the importance of paying our nannies the value of their services in order for them to continue giving good services and work longer for you.

3. Avoid the Nanny burnout

We are all guilty of bombarding our nannies with all the household works and the babysitting tasks. We tend to expect too much from them. Although there is nothing wrong with giving our nannies too many tasks, we must also be understanding and lenient when they cannot finish all the work in a day. We must also keep in mind that they are only humans and they cannot handle multiple tasks in a short span of time. We do not want to meet a nanny burnout. These are situations where our nannies might lose enthusiasm in their jobs and are more likely to resign from their work a few years after. Employers should also give short days-off for nannies or some motivating factors to keep them interested in their jobs.

These are the common concerns our nannies might never tell us but it is good to have the initiative to communicate with our nannies sometimes and hear out their issues. For more helpful tips, you can visit our personal care services in Civic Center Plaza in Scottsdale Arizona.