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No matter how we try to escape pain, we experience it in many forms. What may be the worse is due to natural or accident-related illness. If you are still breathing, you are lucky. Live with that charm by finding ways to a speedier recovery from illness.
Do not skip medication. Humans inevitably forget things, but with regard to medication, the latter must be taken as an exception. Devise ways to help you remember your medicine. Make a list and place it in places you find strategic, in your home or even in your phone or planner. Do not skip medicine intake because you may be back to square one in your treatment.
Be faithful to scheduled medical consultation. Patients do not heed to doctor’s advice. Due to fear or financial constraints, they refuse to go for the scheduled check-up. Medical update is important to know the progress and improvement of your health condition. If you have financial problems, lend money from your family or close relatives. Don’t worry for your seeking of help is reasonable, they will understand.
Resume exercise with proper guidance. It takes proper stretching of your muscles to get in the fitness limelight again. Resume regular exercise, provided it does not overly strain you that may lead to other complications. To avoid such unwanted consequence, ask for exercise tips from doctors or better, therapists who know best in improving mobility and pain management. You can be gradually mobile from time to time even just at home, so you get energized and not feel bored and isolated.
Ask for help. There is nothing wrong with getting assistance from your family and health care professionals in your daily activities. Remember you have not yet reached your maximum mobility independence, hence do not force yourself. You can be independent, but due to health circumstances, you just need a constant lifesaver. Ask help from your siblings, or if they are busy, you may opt for part-time or full-time help from caregivers, depending upon your care preference.
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