Mom Changing Baby's Diaper
Hurray for the day you became a mother. As first-time moms, there might be fears on your part. Stop overthinking, and do the following tips for you to excel in parenting 101.

  • Ask parental advice. You do not want to make mistakes in feeding, soothing, and bathing your delicate baby for his personal hygiene. So, better ask the suggestions from experts, your own mom, mother-in-law, or doctor regarding breastfeeding, proper sterilization of utensils, or proper sleeping position.
  • Expect sleepless days and nights. Your child will surely cry every now and then as their way of expressing they need you. Gone are your bountiful rest for you still have to look over your child. You will find yourself still awake at dawn because your baby is crying from an insect bite, hunger, etc. Anyway, you feel fulfilled at all for the best tender care your toddler deserves.
  • Take turns with your husband in nanny roles. Whether you are a career woman or not, you still need someone’s help in parental duties. No one but your other half can immediately help you with that. Set a schedule on your assignment so you will not get exhausted. The key is to let your husband get involved.
  • Set time for yourself, do not overdo household chores. You still have to wash the dishes, clothes, cook the food, and clean the house. This is not a one-woman job and you cannot multitask with your delicate child at hand. Assign household chores to others. Just a bit of advice, do not overstress yourself.
  • Accept the not so organized chaos. Accept the craziness at home, from the cry of your child to pending bills and other family problems. This is a normal family situation and do not be upset about it. Go with the flow, sing a lullaby to keep your child in a sound sleep, and hire someone aside from your husband to take care of household duties.

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