Husband and wife consulting on home health care
When we need an extra hand to take care of our loved ones at home, many people have preferred to hire caregivers at home. Many clients want to have their loved ones within the comfort of their homes. So, they hire a health staff who will visit the elderly every day to check on them and attend to their daily needs. This set up is suitable for most Americans. In fact, studies have shown over the years, Americans have switched from sending their loved ones in nursing homes; they would rather hire a medical or non-medical staff in their homes to take care of their loved ones.
It has come to our attention that one of the issues people struggle with is whether home health care is affordable or not. Whether you are paying for your hired agency from your wallet or by insurance companies, home health care is really not that expensive. Some health insurance benefits can actually help pay your bills.
What we want in our personal care services in the greater Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ is to give every person the chance to have quality health care without worrying about the budget. We offer different payment options to our clients. This is not only applicable in our agency but it might also be the same for other agencies as well.
1. You can pay through your card
Whether you want to pay in cash, credit or debit, we still accept it. If you pay from your own personal budget, you can have the privilege to choose what service plan you would like to avail. In this way, you can choose to hire home health staff directly on your own or you can go to agencies and let them hire for you. Either way, you choose the most accessible for you.
2. You can pay through long-term insurance plan
We can avail this kind of insurance if your loved one who needs in-home care has applied for this plan before. However, if your senior family member has failed to apply for one, you can use your own long-term insurance plan if you have any. There is only one downside in long-term insurance plans, they may cover in-home health care but only if the service availed is that of a nursing care. Nevertheless, if your loved one is in need of medical attention, this is greatly beneficial.
3. You can pay through Medicaid
Medicaid privileges are applicable if you have low-income and your loved ones are admitted to hospital or are in dire need of medical attention. Medicaid is used by patients of all ages and it is easy to avail. But the rules for Medicaid use may differ in different states. Arizona Medicaid for instance is given to children from 0 to 18 years old considering that the family has no financial ability to pay for medical bills and it is also given to elderly patients who need caregivers. There is a growing number of people enrolling Medicaid and it has indeed helped a lot of families in paying for hospital and home care bills.
If you are still undecided whether you can pay for home health or not, let us help you give more options in handling your finances.